Let’s discuss reasons you might want to have an auction!

Are you faced with having too much “stuff”, and you don’t want to go through the hassle of having a garage or tag sale? Do you just want to downsize or clean out that basement or garage? Are you in need of settling an estate or need help with a Guardianship? Or do you want the advantage of an open, competitive bidding process to determine the fair market value of your personal property? Those wonderful family heirlooms or antiques that you just don’t have room for? We can help!

Michael Hoffman, Auctioneer, specializes not only in selling personal property, antiques, collectibles, and estates, but also in real estate, extending our expert auction services throughout Ohio. With a dedicated staff of associate auctioneers, bid assistants, clerks, and cashiers, we work hard to ensure you earn top dollar for the items you want to sell, whether it’s personal belongings or real estate properties in areas from Pickerington to Columbus and beyond.

The auctioneering profession has been around for generations, demonstrating its success time and again. This is a quick, simple, and honorable method for selling goods, often facilitating the best return in the shortest time. For real estate, our experience shows that properties often find new owners within 30 days of the auction contract signing. What a fast turnaround! Under Ohio law, a personal property seller must be provided their auction settlement within 15 days, ensuring a quick and efficient process for all involved.

We offer full-service auctioneering with personal and professional results. Michael works on a commission plus expenses basis, with no money upfront. We believe our commission rates are fair and reasonable. The advertising, labor, and any other expenses will be settled after the auction and paid directly from the auction proceeds.

There is nothing like the power of auction marketing. With an auction, the price is always right! We adapt to your needs, whether selling personal property on-site (most economical) or at local auction houses. For real estate, our expertise spans across residential, commercial properties, farms, and more, simplifying the auction process for our clients.

Our innovative approach includes a user-friendly online platform, allowing you to participate in auctions conveniently from anywhere. This advanced digital marketing enhances the auction experience for everyone involved. We ensure transparency in every transaction, with properties and items sold ‘as-is, where-is’, and clear financial terms provided upfront.

The auction method stands out for its speed and efficiency – it’s a winning strategy for both sellers and buyers. For buyers, our auctions mean fair prices, a variety of choices, and clear processes. For sellers, it’s about maximizing potential and ensuring a lucrative sale, often quicker than traditional methods.

Call us today at 614-314-0298 for a free consultation, and let’s discuss how we can include your treasures in our next auction. Whether it’s personal property or real estate, our team is ready to guide you through a successful auction experience.