Get paid for your referrals by contacting us today! By bringing a seller to our attention, you can put more money in your pocket by receiving up to a 20% referral fee once the property sells or an appraisal has been completed.

Perhaps you know of a business that is closing, an estate that needs to be settled, or a friend that is downsizing or moving to a new home. Our professional auction services provide an excellent way to convert assets into cash quickly. We can also provide valuation services for estates, divorce, business liquidations, etc. 

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Ohio real estate brokers and agents can also refer assets to us! 

Our auction referral program provides a wonderful opportunity for you to offer more services to your clients while increasing your commissions and bottom line.

Benefits for Real Estate Agents/Brokers:

  • Agents and brokers earn commissions as a referring agent, or as the buyer’s agent.
  • Assurance that the property will be sold at true market value.
  • Property is sold within a short period of time.
  • Exposes property to many potential purchasers.
  • Convert the almost expired listing into a time specific sale.
  • Develop agent’s market nice.
  • Offer clients and customers new selling an purchasing options.
  • Successful auctions result in referrals and return business.

Quick Resolution  –  Award Winning Marketing  –  Competitive Bidding  –  Seller-Friendly Terms

Additional benefits of our Agent/Broker referral program:

  • A generous referral fee paid directly at closing (whenever possible). In many cases, an auction referral commission is the same as what an agent would typically receive on the seller’s side of a real estate transaction.
  • Earn referral fees on assets located outside of your normal market area or specialty
  • An auction can turn an aging or expiring listing into a commission
  • Motivated sellers can achieve true market value with a time defined auction – often in as little as thirty days
  • Tremendous personal exposure by inclusion in all advertising and promotions
  • Enhance your image as a full service brokerage, while providing an aggressive marketing alternative for your clients
  • Sellers receive proceeds in a timely manner and referring Broker/Agents receive good commissions with no hassle and minimal time commitment
  • Offer additional services to your clients – including selling personal property on the same day as the real estate auction
  • Our accelerated marketing program provides for non-contingent sales, thus expediting the time frame for closure.
  • The auction method of marketing allows the seller to set the terms and conditions of the auction and removes them from drawn-out negotiations with buyers.
  • “Unique” or difficult to compare properties make great auction candidates
  • An auction managed by our professional auctioneers can be an excellent way of converting assets into cash quickly and efficiently
  • Simply less work…potentially more money for the referring agent
  • Resolution can be achieved for estate settlement, divorce situations, job transfers, pending foreclosure, etc.
  • You can earn referral fees on personal property too! Farm machinery and agricultural equipment, heavy equipment, industrial equipment, to a wide range of all other types of assets can also be sold separately or as part of the real estate transaction

We handle all property types and values of real estate: residential, commercial, industrial. Whether your client has a single-family home, a farm, historic home, income-producing commercial property, or a multi-million dollar piece of real estate, we can find a turnkey solution that provides for a fast closing and expands your earning potential.

When you refer a seller to us, numerous factors are considered to determine the eligibility of the property for auction (the seller’s needs, the property itself, market conditions, etc.). Should we deem the property a good fit for an auction, we will design a custom auction marketing campaign and target as many potential buyers as possible.

We will do our best to educate you and make your client(s) feel comfortable with our procedures. Please don’t let unfamiliarity with the auction process scare you or stop you from earning more money by referring sellers to us.

Increase your professional assistance and help your clients reach their goals by contacting us today for a no obligation evaluation of assets for auction. We will always respond promptly and handle inquiries professionally and discreetly.

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