Our experienced auctioneers have a wealth of knowledge, and can offer you the best advice when it comes to selling your residential, commercial, industrial or agricultural properties or liquidating personal property. Our turn-key estate resolution services can take a lot of the stress away when settling an estate.

Auction Services

We provide live on-site auction services, on-line only auctions, simulcast auctions, etc. It only takes one call and then we can sell it all. Everything AND the house.

Real Estate Services

Michael Hoffman is a licensed real estate agent with Ohio Real Estate Auctions, LLC. He can sell your property at auction or traditionally. He does work as a buyer's agent as well.

Personal Property Appraisals

From estate appraisals to divorce appraisals, we can offer you a solution that will best fit your needs and those of the various courts. Our written appraisals are USPAP compliant and will include extensive photos, descriptions and valuations.

It's about time! Time to have an auction!

Are you faced with having too much “stuff”, and you don’t want to go through the hassle of having a garage or tag sale?

Do you just want to downsize or clean out that basement or garage?

Do you need to settle an estate or need help with a Guardianship?

Do you want the advantage of an open, competitive bidding process to determine the fair market value of your personal property?

Those wonderful family heirlooms or antiques that you just don’t have room for?  We can help!

Michael Hoffman, Auctioneer specializes in selling real estate, personal property, antiques, collectibles, estates, and business liquidations. Gathering a dedicated staff of associate auctioneers, bid assistants, clerks, and cashiers, we’ll work hard to ensure you earn top dollar for the items you want to sell. Your success is part of our reward and is our main concern.

The auctioneering profession has been around for generations, thereby demonstrating its success time and again. This is a quick, simple and honorable method for selling goods, often facilitating the best return in the shortest time.

Under Ohio law, a seller must be provided their auction settlement within 15 days. What a fast turnaround! We offer full-service auctioneering, with personal and professional results.

Michael works on a commission plus expenses basis, with no money up front. We believe our commission rates are fair and reasonable. The advertising, labor and any other expenses will be settled after the auction and paid directly from the auction proceeds.

There is nothing like the power of auction marketing. With an auction, the price is always right! We can sell your personal property on-site (most economical) or at local auction houses.

Types of Auctions

Essentially there are two types of auctions:

Auctions without reserve, otherwise known as “absolute auctions”

  • The personal property or real estate is sold to the highest bidder, regardless of price.
  • Maximum response is received from the market and buyer excitement and participation are highest.
  • The buyer knows the property is going to sell, thus greater interest.  
  • The majority of our auctions are conducted absolute.

Auctions with reserve, otherwise known as “minimum bid auctions”

  • The personal property or real estate is sold with a reserve, meaning an acceptable minimum price that the seller is willing to accept.
  • Potential buyers may not be as interested in the assets being sold if there is a minimum bid or high reserve. 


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