Experience the Thrill of Public Auctions with Hoffman Auctions.

Welcome to Hoffman Auctions, Ohio’s premier destination for public auctions, where the excitement of competitive bidding meets a diverse array of high-quality items. Whether you’re a seasoned collector, a savvy investor, or simply looking for a unique piece, our auctions are open for everyone to participate.

For Sellers: At Hoffman Auctions, we understand the value of your items, whether they be antiques, vehicles, jewelry, or real estate. Our extensive experience in appraisals ensures your assets are valued accurately, attracting serious buyers and ensuring competitive bidding. With our blend of live on-site and online auctions, we offer maximum exposure for your items, reaching a broad audience of enthusiastic bidders.

For Buyers: Immerse yourself in the dynamic world of public auctions, where each bid brings a thrill. From the comfort of your home through our online auctions or at our lively on-site events, you can bid on a variety of items. Our auctions feature everything from machinery and firearms to unique collectibles, providing an exciting and diverse bidding experience.

Our Commitment: At Hoffman Auctions, we’re committed to providing a transparent, fair, and engaging auction experience for both buyers and sellers. Our team of experts ensures every auction runs smoothly, offering support and guidance throughout the process.

Join us at our next auction and experience the energy, diversity, and opportunity that only a public auction can offer. Whether you’re looking to sell your prized possessions or seeking to add to your collection, Hoffman Auctions is here to facilitate a seamless and successful auction experience.