The Advantages of Multi-Parcel Real Estate Auctions

Selling large properties can be challenging. Traditional methods may not attract enough buyers, leading to longer sale times and lower prices. At Hoffman Auctions, we offer a solution that maximizes value and appeals to a wide range of buyers: the multi-parcel auction method.

How the Multi-Par Method Works

Property Division:

We begin by dividing the property into several smaller parcels. These can be sold individually, in combinations, or as a whole.

Bidding Process:

Our experienced auctioneers conduct multiple rounds of bidding, allowing bidders to place bids on individual parcels, combinations of parcels, or the entire property. This helps determine the highest and best configuration.

Dynamic Bidding:

Bidding remains open on all parcels until no more bids are received. This dynamic process allows bidders to adjust their strategy and bid on different combinations based on the activity.

Final Sale:

The highest bid or combination of bids that achieves the highest total price is accepted. This ensures the seller gets the maximum possible value for their property.

The Benefits of the Multi-Par Method

1.Maximized Value:

By allowing bids on various combinations, the total sale price is maximized. Buyers may value specific parcels more highly, leading to higher bids.

2.Flexibility for Buyers:

Buyers can bid on the exact portions of the property they are interested in, which can attract more bidders.

3.Competitive Environment:

The dynamic bidding process creates a competitive environment that can drive up prices.


The method is transparent, allowing all bidders to see the current bids and adjust their offers accordingly.

The Advantages of Multi-Parcel Real Estate Auctions

Multi-parcel auctions are an effective way to sell multiple properties or parcels quickly and efficiently. They provide transparency and fairness for both buyers and sellers. Breaking up a large property into smaller parcels can attract a wider range of potential buyers, increasing competition and bidding activity, and ultimately leading to a higher final sale price.

Our Plan for a Successful Auction

Step 1: Consultation

Contact Auctioneer Michael Hoffman at 614-314-0298 to discuss your property and goals.

Step 2: Property Assessment

We will evaluate the property and determine the best way to divide it into parcels.

Step 3: Marketing

A comprehensive marketing plan will be developed to attract potential buyers.

Step 4: Auction Day

The multi-parcel auction will be conducted, maximizing the value of your property.

Step 5: Successful Sale

Achieve a successful sale with the highest possible return.

Why Choose Us?

Selecting the right auctioneer is key to ensuring a successful multi-parcel auction that benefits both buyers and sellers. With extensive experience in selling real estate at auction, including using the multi-parcel auction method, we have a reputation for delivering outstanding results. Our expertise, marketing, and support help clients achieve their goals and maximize their returns.

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